Sea Kayaking & Mochima National Park

Got back from a three-day sea-kayaking trip. Reaaaally dope but won´t be writing about it here for a while. Tomorrow am off on bus to Santa Elena to start a six-day trek of Roraima. In the meantime (today) I have a fever and have stubbed various toes four times.I am going to miss Playa Colorada and the people but am ready to be elsewhere.  

22 de julio (in retrospect / referencing journal) 

So 12 de julio... the group of chicas y yo embarked on the kayak trip. In the morning I woke up early and decided to do yoga, and was proud of the fact that I remembered a few yoga poses and did them. It was centering until Boris walked down the steps from the outdoor dining room towards the gate out to the beach and whistled at me. It was an example of what I usually wouln´t have to try and avoid while doing yoga, but in the least I´ve become desensitized towards the usual male catcalls. Plus Boris is a sweetheart. A Venezuelan sweetheart with a name that recalls James Bond on N64. 

That afternoon felt very much alive and content with thunder that I could hear across my line of sight and its echoes rumbling. I went snorkeling for the first time. We kayaked into a mainly deserted island and for about twenty feet around the concrete dock was a coral reef. Thought about Rachel Carson´s line about the shallow sea and how it contains more life than anywhere else in the open sea. There were beautiful green, blue, and black fish that always swam by itself. A school of light blue fish swam around me- I was in their pathway and they parted then came again together. Creatures growing on old glass bottles. The sky darkens from where the sun is and blends the hilly islands into the clouds. Snorkeling... In the least I felt like Darth Vader (because that´s how it sounds) in the most a curious, uncoordinated observer of a most interesting ecosystem. On the edge of the bluish green you can feel a colder darker hue as the reef tapers past the continental shelf and drastically drops. 

We got a ride to Santa Fe with the owner of the island and his fisher boys. They had spent the day fishing and had a dead shark to prove it. Three motors in the boat and a row of fishing hooks against the wood helm. Noticed how my ability to converse, etc disappears or becomes weighted with the lack of confidence when I don´t know the language well enough to say my thoughts with an ounce of certainty and when I lack the ability to understand what others say correctly. 

I love the silhouette of the boat, canoes, men, and the beach, city lights far off twinkling and a hint of sunlight in the clouds illuminating the planes of the hills. Estoy feliz. 

13 de julio. 

At beach after around two hours of kayaking. We paused in a part of the ocean surrounded by islands. Those further away faded from reddish brown with green cactus, trees, and shrubs into cloudy hues of blue. When the paddle lay across the kayak in rest, the drops fell into the oscillating water and looked as if a topo map- except constantly changing peaks of water- as is the nature of the sea. 

Was stung by a jellyfish while snorkeling, kind of funny. Keep forgetting I´m in the Caribbean and there is such beauty here. Before we got in the kayaks today I was standing in the ocean drenching my clothes before embarking and I was surrounded by squids. It was trippy. 

SO SEA KAYAKING. Not boring as had been foreshadowed by a few people at the hostel. Hard work for sure but worth it. The moments in my journal lack the laughter, comradery (?) of course of the days. Always written in downtime. Had a good time with the chicas and Luis is probably the best (& good looking) guide out there. The road home seems to be the longest... when the end is in sight it appears closer than reality. This is true from kayaking and from Roraima. In both cases made it with strained muscles, a bit of stress, laughter, and head up perserverence. 

Am excited to see how the underwater photos develop back home.