Mareada en Miraflores: Lima, Peru.

Flew into Lima, arrived at 4:20am. In Miami, as I walked down the corridor into the plane siento dos partes cansada y uno parte feliz! Voy al America de Sur!! No estoy en los EE.UU!! 

Boarding the 757, I noticed a few things- the smile creeping into the corners of my mouth and up into my eyes, how extremely nice this plane is, how every announcement is spoken in español y despues ingles. Reflectí como yo no ha salido el país por doce años y I am super grateful to have this opportunity for growth, introspection, and change. Estoy buscando para perspectivas, amigos. (I'm looking for perspectives, friends).

Only thing different from travels as a kid was that hot towel nonsense. For once, I was sat next to an interesting guy and after sleeping as much as possible, we helped each other figure out the customs form. Would I get a stamp in my passport? <¡sí!>

My layover was a few hours, so I decided to go into Lima with Adriano. The cab into town didn´t get to see much of the sights along the way- only tube lighting of certain stores. I remember thinking that the streets seemed smallish (wc), but were actually the major routes from the airport. Looking to the west was dark, but I could smell the salty fish of the ocean. Fresh air? Yes, but in a different sense. Humid. I believe (now that I am in Caracas) that this journey will delve deeper into the warm blanket that tropical climates wrap around a person. It was humid in Miami, more humid in Lima, and my goodness, welcome to Caracas. 

The word that seems to best characterize the trip thus far, or at least my go-to word (duh, everyone has one)... I just forgot it, lo siento. 

Anyways, Adriano and I walked around Miraflores which seems to be a newly redeveloped part of Lima. It was quaint. Beautiful gates, ornate steel. Central square with six cats. They were strays, but fat. I surmise that they were pregnant. Trying to pretend as if untouched by western civilization = imposible. The taxis are everywhere. They like to honk. Still trying to figure out the symbol for keep on keeping on señor, no necesito a ride! In the same sense, still trying to figure out how to communicate effectively. I´m doing alright, but am looking forward to gaining confidence speaking Spanish. 

We wandered into a grocery store. Biggest Papaya Ever. Walked to the coast to eat breakfast on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful. The tide was slowly creeping east, towards us. Perhaps in a few hundred years, there will be sand there, but for now there are stones worn smooth by the ebb and flow of the ocean. There seem to be many stones here. The pathway was etched into the stones and so were the roads, etc. I wish I could be more descriptive, but I shall throw down some words: Graffiti, green wood slats, wood bridge overpass, old man surfer stretching, soccer ball rolling downhill as we walk up to Love Park. Am in a hurry because the final flight leaves soon. Pictures to follow. 

Oh. P.S Slug bugs seem to be the national car of Peru. So many. Also, apparently "the sun never comes up"--- the answer to the equivalent of when will it be light outside? I feel that I may not be in Colorado type sunshine until, well yeah, until I return. 

Am happy, tired, and my muscles are sore. Am glad I did yoga and rock-climbed the day before I left Fort Collins, but that + backpack + airplane sleep + traveling for almost two days = sore. Time to go!