Sea Kayaking & Deep Water Soloing

Animals I´ve seen:
Dead rat, tarantula, tiny frog, cockroach, strange reddish beetle, vicious skinny spider, lizard gecko, and iguana. 
Sea life:
Little fishies & baby dolphins. Yes, dolphins. This lady (because yes, we are of the age of ladies now) and I were joking about calling out to them if they did not appear- we invoked Dory from Finding Nemo, or as she says- Ne-mo. Anyways. 
No idea, but my spanish teacher Marco says that 18,000 bird species live here.. Something like a third of all the birds on earth are here. Lots of shit. Also lots of dogs and cats. 

And lots of action.

Spanish class started, y yo he pensado en español. A veces hablo en español y las personas en la hostel me miren extraño. Did that make sense? I meant to say I´m starting to think in spanish. Es interesante a practicar hablando por que yo he olvidado muchas palabras. Pero ahora, it´s all coming back it´s all coming back to me now-ow-ow (Celine Dion). 

Back on point. There are mostly girls at the hostel right now. Transition. They are in a traveling classroom meaning they travel around and do adventure stuff while learning spanish and bonding with one another. There are ladies from England, Wales, Switzerland, Austria, Germany.... We rock. I´m going sea-kayaking with the group in and around Mochima National Park for a while and then peacing out to Roraima. 

I chose this hostel and not the one in Merida because the website had a picture of a rock-climbing wall. So finally, a few nights ago, Luís set up a rope para escalar. We had talked about going to this secret place where you climb and then jump into the ocean, but he was skeptical. So everyone takes their turn and it starts raining, then stops. Was funny and sometimes aggravating to watch the skills and lack of strength of the ladies. Everyone did well for never having done so before. I got to climb and made it up the wall fast. Later on I did a different route that was supposed to be hard and it took longer, but was still easy. 

All the days are blurring. Journal entries are beginning to lack dates. This does not help retrospective storytelling.

I think it was a day when we went to the beach to try out kayaking. It´s suprisingly refreshing to thwack the water to avoid tipping and also to purposively rock until you do turn over. Rescues are fun too. Went rock climbing. Boat trip, dolphins, waves eternal, dolphins, cat and mouse rock formation, waves. Blah blah. The rocks were really quite sharp, also holds like hollow calcified sponges. Jumping was a trip. There were two routes and the second reminded me of climbing at miramont, when there was some start that took me a dozen times to get ahold of. Loved being in a boat! 

Also love that I´m in a double bed. Tried the hammocks one night and somehow was in the only one that lacked a sheet so I woke up freezing. Put on almost everything i own, tried to wrap the hammock around me, but that´s when humidity becomes less of a blanket and more of a wet slap in the trying to sleep whatever. Um... I started saying that because I guess I ended up in one of the hammocks outside in the living area, watched the sun come up and felt it slowly becoming warmer, promptly fell asleep and woke up for breakfast. I feel like I´ve already written about that, this is how awesome my life is right now.

I am really getting along with my spanish teacher. Also, the cooks and house lady. Have found myself en la cocina on nights when I need not be. Has been nice helping out, though I seem to have ajo scented hands being that I´ve been on garlic peeling, cutting, and crushing duty a few times now. En lunes, vamos a cocinar un postre y es posible más, porque es el mismo para todas las culturas- las chicas se encantan azucar! 

Apparently, says my Welsh friend, I speak a very convincing English accent... but usually for very short sentences, sentences such as, "Morning Gromit, time for walkies!" Ohh yes. When not thinking in spanish, I seem to be thinking with an English accent. And more Brits are arriving tonight. I´ve been trying to overemphasize my Americanness, at least in speech, but also in fact of extremely tiny English-Spanish dictionary covered with US flag (made in Peru), which has now been lost to the couch or perhaps a tarantula wanted to learn what it´s called in English. 

Anyways the books I brought- "The Sea Around Us" & the book by David Levi Strauss that my brother gave me look worn only due to pages curled at humidity´s mercy. Am really lucky to be here and am super stoked for the kayak trip. Judging from the mini excursions so far, it is going to be hilarious and challenging. Gotta find a snorkel somewhere, or at least goggles. Need to find postcards and stamps! It´s almost six and it´s probably dark outside- am hoping for a sunset, a bus I can wave at and jump into, and perhaps a fruit stand. 

Tonight we´re going to some place to dance. VIP, table service, reggaeton, and salsa/ meringue, but apparently going clubbing means staying out til 6am. I am hoping for a table surrounded by couches and blankets lest I get sleepy. 

All for now! I promise to try and find postcards another day. Abrazitos! 

Like a wave traveling shapes vision....... More to it but thanks Margaret Atwood. Like um YEAH!

Learning to Sea Kayak in the Caribbean!