Santa Elena de Uairen, Guayana Highlands

Buenas dias a todos, estoy aqui (finalmente!) en Santa Elena y en 10 minutos, mas o menos, voy (con otras personas) a salir para Roraima (o a empezar la aventura). Despues de 20 horas en el autobus estoy aqui. 

I have bruises on my head from sleeping on the bus against la ventana. Did yoga this morning. Am excited to start hiking and am hoping to not be attacked by too many bugs (de que los mosquitos y puri puri no me molestan demasiado!) 

Also, there are postcards here. Woop woop! 

Gotta go. I wanted to share this, which was sent out this morning to my family, from my father. 

 Blessings for a Traveler   There are times in life when you choose to travel. May you choose wisely. May your spirit lift those around you, and May your interactions imbue a fertility of ideas and colorful relationships  that create possibility all around. There are times in life when you must travel May you participate fully May your spirit lift those around you, and May you find ways to break the bondage of requirement and  bring green shoots and blossoms to those you encounter. May you journey safely, touch softly, speak with your ears and   give blessing to those on your path. May you return to the comfort and security of your homeland  and those who wait for you there.