Kristen McCulloch

Photo by Luca Piazzi 

I jump at the chance to travel whenever I can. Suggest an adventure and I'll likely say "yes!" without reservation. 

I love mountain biking, splitboarding, ragged ridgelines, biting winds, heat rising from the ground, rafting rivers, being overshadowed by tall canyon walls, listening to crickets as the temperature drops at dusk. 

Adopted from South Korea as a baby. Learned the ABCs and to ride a bike in Boise, Idaho. Donned a school uniform, learned to speak the Queen's English and listened to reggae and Oasis in Bristol, England. Played competitive soccer and ran track in Fort Collins, Colorado. Graduated high school early to be an Americorps member in Seattle, Washington for City Year Seattle/ King County. Attended University of Oregon and graduated from Colorado State University. Studied Political Science, Women's Studies, Creative Writing, Philosophy. Favorite class? Intro to Oceanography.

I am here to do good, see good, be good, share good. And be kind.