• 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher

  • 60 HR Yin Yoga Certification

  • BA Political Science & Women’s Studies

  • Certificate in Applied Business

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing & Social Media

  • Minor: Kidd Tutorial Creative Writing Program

I used to jump at the chance to travel whenever I could. If anyone suggested an adventure, I’d likely say "yes!" without reservation or thought. I was running away from traumas that I was not ready to face.  

Don’t get me wrong: I still love mountain biking, splitboarding, ragged ridgelines, biting winds, heat rising from the ground, rafting rivers, being overshadowed by tall canyon walls, and listening to crickets as the temperature drops at dusk. I am grateful for the time I had in the wild, for those times pushed my disassociated self into risky situations that enabled me to begin to feel again. They also removed distractions and allowed me to ground and feel present.

These days I find more balance turning inwards instead of seeking presence in nature and wild adventure. I find fulfillment in nurturing community and enabling others to feel safe exploring the traumas holding them back from living fully. I see trends of behavior, attachment, thought patterns and unhealthy coping mechanisms, and can help others recognize and change them.

I was adopted from South Korea as a baby. I learned the ABCs and how to ride a bike in Boise, Idaho. Donned a school uniform, learned to speak the Queen's English and played field hockey and rounders in Bristol, England. I played competitive soccer and ran track in Fort Collins, Colorado. I experienced sexual assault, the violent death of my dog, multiple car accidents, and self-medication in high school. I graduated high school early to become an Americorps member in Seattle, Washington for City Year Seattle/ King County. Finished college after many years, and found myself confronting my own “issues”— issues that were made visible by the #metoo movement, understanding of complex trauma, and the online community of Korean Adoptees that shared the same feelings and experiences as me.

I am here to do good, see good, be good, share good. To listen, to teach, to learn, to grow. To be kind. And in that process is grief, resistance, anger, acceptance, fear, love, and courage.